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Angels Lost - It begins. [Jun. 28th, 2007|02:29 pm]
Skydera Prime
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Dawn. Lost Angels. North Port.

The North Port of Lost Angels was quite possibly the largest. It was the easiest accessable, and was, simply the biggest for landships to dock. Just as the sun was rising, the light glinted off of the dull grey and red metal of the Scorpion.

It mored its way into the dock, with little warning, or provication. The large docking claws exending outward into the sand and over the dock itself. Essentually preventing access to most of the dock by any other landship, due to the Scorpion's sheer size. This gave it the appearence of a large, dull grey crawfish with red claws, really.

"Oi!" The Dockmaster, needless to say, was surprised by this, and had to haul his way out of his nap in the booth, to meet whomever was coming out of the ship, "Ya don't have a permit to dock that thing here!"

The stairs lowered as he was running up. A fellow, tall and somewhat regal in appearence, sporting white hair and the strangely inverted eyes (White irises, black pupils, and the rest black as well), stepped down. He was followed by a man that was better described as a bear in a human suit. Black hair and heavy clothes.

The larger spoke first. "You'll find that we can." He grunted, he was even taller than the white haired fellow, admittedly, not by much, but more than enough to seem intimidating.

"H-high councilman Sheaga! And General Martok!" The Dockmaster, needless to say, was surprised, "You weren't on the roster to arrive today, sirs. And, er, you're blocking the entire dock with your ship, as well."

"I fear it's unexpected business, dockmaster. Where is Anton Macrow, at this time?" Sheaga's gaze fell on the dockmaster as he spoke. Martok, meanwhile, simply gestured to the ship behind him. Large ramps towards the rear of the ship lowered. Slamming into the sands loudly and spraying it everywhere.

"Most likely in the Tower, sirs. If I may ask, what sort of business is it?" The dockmaster was now distracted by the large, single-wheeled dark yellow and red tanks wheeling their way down the ramps. They didn't come down the dock, so that was a good sign, but where were the unitanks going in all of this?

"High Council business." Sheaga answered, and simply strode past. Martok grunted, and followed after, adjusting his cloak.

The dockmaster watched them leave with something of an astounded expression before skittering back into the booth. He had a few calls to make.

Enforcer Headquarters.

"And they just... arrived?" Commander Cirref was not having a good day in recieving this news. "I see. Well, if they're just walking, it'll take them some time to reach the tower, even if they get a ride, I've enough time for this. Thank you for informing me of this, Stevens."

He clicked the communicator off. And rubbed at his face, and his thoughts were interrupted.

"Sir, we're recieving reports from the other docks. East and West have just been blocked off by three Unitanks each."

"And the south?" Cirref glanced at the Enforcer informing him of this.

"Not yet, but given how this is being set up, it's likely to be soon."

"Give me a moment, and I'll have the orders ready."

"Yessir." The Enforcer stepped out of the office.

Cirref clicked on the bottom ring of the communicator on his desk. "Gabriel, call Anton Macrow, holoscreen if available."

It was a short call before Cirref stepped out of the office.

Then, he spoke, "As most of you are no doubt aware..."

At the Tower, Sheaga and Martok were arriving, having hailed a taxi, that cut the travel time down by quite a bit.

"The High Councilman and General Martok of Megaopolis are currently in our city. They are about to presumably have a meeting with Anton Macrow. We do not know what this meeting is about, but we've our suspicions. We are to prepare."

Sheaga and Martok spoke with the attendent at the desk, and stepped into the main elevator.

"I want everyone here alerting those of us out on patrol. The priority is the ones in vehicals first, then on foot, but whomever you can get into contact with first is most advised."

The last three unitanks arrived at the South Port.

"We have a very small window to work with here, as our suspicions are less than grim, especially with the tanks, and the Scorpion blocking our primary port."

It wasn't long before Sheaga and Martok arrived to Anton's office.

"Goddesses and Gods be with us, ladies and gentlemen. I hope to everything we know that this isn't as bad as we're thinking."

Anton's Office, The Tower

Anton turned around in his seat as the transparent doors to his office swished open. He was dreading this as soon as he heard the call. "Ah, gentleman. Please, have a seat." He gestured to the two chairs before the desk.

Two Enforcers followed the other men in, the enforcers stood by the door, holding their staves in hand. A geomancer and a Lightmage, judging from the colorsets on their armors.

Martok grunted, "I will stand."

Sheaga, on the other hand, took a seat. "I fear this isn't a social call, old friend." He spoke to Anton, looking slightly conflicted on things. With his eyes being the way they were, it was a bit difficult to tell.

"Given the obvious military presence here." Anton nodded to Martok, "I'd have to agree." Of course, he also ment the unitanks, among other things.

Martok made a gruff sound, shifting his weight. "Anton Macrow, you are being placed under arrest."

Anton blinked. His good eye wide. "...Say again?" Blink again, "Under what charges, and under who's juristiction?"

Martok repeated, "Anton Macrow, you are under arrest." He then continued, "For the charges of aiding and abetting fugitives to the Skyderian Empire."

"..You can't do that. The High Council's still undecided on Imperial power, as such the old laws don't apply yet." Anton was confused. He had been expecting something like this for some time, but this was a bizarre way of doing it, to say the least.

"We are reestablishing the old empire, old friend. It's for the best, after all... Our world needs its resources." Sheaga sighed, shifting his weight, "And unfortunately, you were harboring traitors in your midst a few months back."

Anton stood up. "..You can't be serious, they're family, even as much as I don't like Agen."

"It's the law, Anton, and as high councilmen yourselves, you're bound by it." Martok stated gruffly.

The short man sighed, leaning on the desk, "Much as I hate to admit it, you're correct in that stance, General." He glances to them both with his good eye, "Though more correctly beaten down by it."

Martok just made a gruff sound in response.

Anton sighed, this wasn't a fight he could win, magically, physically, or with words, "...I'll go with you, on the condition that you do not harm my city."

The two Enforcers by the door made startled noises.

The lightmage spoke up first, "Sir, you can't be serious."

Then the geomancer, "Yeah, goin' without a fight?"

"Stand down, the both of you." Anton said, making an exhasperated sound.

"Stand down or you'll share his punishment." Martok turned to the side, so that he could keep an eye on all involved.

Anton glared at Martok before returning his attention to his enforcers, "Don't make me make it an order, go to Enforcer Headquarters, the both of you. Now."



"Go. Now."

Both saluted, and jogged out, staves in hand.

Anton returned his attention to Martok, "Should I find out my city is in worse shape than I left it, General, realize that you'll want Adora herself to save you."

"I'm sorry it had to come to this, old friend." Sheaga shifted his weight again.

"..Don't ever call me that again, Sheaga."

By early morning Anton Macrow was imprisoned in the Scorpion's brig, to be taken to Technopolis Prison.

Enforcer Headquarters

"And then he just left with them." The Lightmage from Anton's office finished explaining.

"I see." Cirref rested his chin on his hand in thought, "Any word on Commander Trake yet?"

"No sir, she's still out on patrol."

"No doubt by now she's some idea of the situation at the moment anyway." Cirref sighed, "Alright." And he stood, gesturing to the room at large for attention. "At this time, I am about to commit a direct violation of Sheaga and Martok's orders on this situation as a whole. I am now giving anyone who objects to going down this road to leave now, and it will also be noted in my records. This will not be held against you regardless of how things turn out."

Several Enforcers glanced at the rest, before slipping out.

The Scorpion

"Are we tapped into the network?"

"Yeah, just like it's supposed to work, we're getting telemetry of every Enforcer in the whole city with this, locked on by their badge-code and everything."

Enforcer Headquarters

"Now, you." Cirref pointed at one Enforcer, a go-fer "I need you to disconnect the network key, and bring it to me." The kid nodded and jogged off.

"As most of you are now no-doubt aware, Anton Macrow was arrested by High Councilman Sheaga and General Martok of Megaopolis." There was some murmuring as Cirref announced this, "Anton knew that this would come, and has planned for it since Timemaster was defeated." The Go-fer returned with the key, a thin plate of board, which Cirref snaps across his knee. "Thank you. Without that, it will take them several hours to get the network back up, meaning our locations will be incredibly difficult to track, as of now...."

The East Side.

"Unitanks, huh? Wonder what's happenin'?" Pyra stopped on the wall, leaning on her staff and catching her breath. That's about when the badge at her hip beeped three times, and then did a long low-piched one that ended abruptly. "..Wha? Network's down?" She plucked it off her side and flicked it open, "This is Trake to Enforcer Headquarters, what's goin' on?"

There was no response. Even after she tried twice more.

The Scorpion

"..What th', the whole network just went down at once."

"Shit, they must'a planned for this..."

Enforcer Headquarters

Cerrif continued, "Unfortunately, this has the side effect of taking out our communications system as well. I want some of you to fan out and find those on patrol, and tell them what's going on, we have to keep information updated."

The Tower, Anton's Office

"And the girl?" Martok was looking out the windows, watching.

"We haven't found her yet, General."

"Realize that Anton's daughter can very well be a problem." He turned around to face the commander. "She'll be capable of rallying individuals behind her, after this. We cannot have that now."

"We're on the look-out for her now, sir, but we haven't been able to find her, it's like she's vanished off of the face of the planet or something."

The General made a gruff sound, "Right."

The commander's comm beeped, "Sir, the Scorpion just lost contact with the Enforcer network."

"Mm. It seems they knew that we'd use it to track them. No matter."

Enforcer Headquarters

"I know it might seem like a good idea, but we cannot retaliate at this point. We don't know where they're keeping Anton, and I don't want to run that risk, and neither do any of you. I want to regroup at the drilling point, understood? Nothing is to be left here if we can help it."

"Aye, sir." Came the response.

"Realize, also, gentlemen and ladies, it seems to have truely begun."