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Skydera Prime
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Skydera Prime

NOTE: Whenever posts are made, there will be descriptors of far better quality than there are here. These are primarily for reference purposes, and in the hope that I stay consistant.

A planet that is roughly equal in size and mass as the planet Earth, Skydera is primarily divided into two halves.

The Northern Hemisphere is the primarily continant. Mostly desert, and mountains the further north you go, until you reach the North Pole. Both magnetic, and geographic.

Major locations on the Northern Hemisphere/Deserta Continant:

Megaopolis - Commonly regarded as the "New capital" of Skydera Prime. It is a polluted, massive city located in a valley at the base of the mountains. At one time, the city was covered by a dome like structure in an attempt to contain, and reverse the pollution. This structure has since been dismantled, though portions of it remain standing.

In Megaopolis, travel is primarily done through massive tubing networks over the sidewalks and between buildings. These tube networks have clean air within them, and are very difficult to break, though some have fallen into disrepair in the worst parts of town.

Dera's Fortress - Located in the mountains, Dera's Fortress oversees the City of the Gods, Cor Taurious. Dera's Fortress is a structure literally built into a mountain and the mountainside. Tall, imposing, and very rarely do people get past the courtyard of this fortress. Supposedly, Dera's Eye and Sword reside deep within the Castle itself.

Cor Taurious - The "City of the Gods" is primarily abandoned, except for those who keep up with the castle. It should be noted that both the Fortress and Taurious are far reached, even in comparison to most of the distances between cities. Deep within the mountain ranges. Cor Taurious also maintains a strict policy of neutrality, however, they do act as a sanctuary, as long as those who are staying there handle their own battles.

Lost Angels - The city that Isis (thebalanckeepr) and Pyra (pyra_trake) hail from. Lost Angels is a large city, the capital of Magic and mages and such. Lost Angels is also one of the oldest cities, and due to preparations before the previous TimeMaster war, Lost Angels is also one of the better faring cities as a result (next to Skylantus, which was even BETTER prepared). The city is surrounded by a thick wall, and entrances at the four compass points. The North Point is the primary dock for Landships.

Skylantus - The city of technology. Skylantus is the technological center of Skydera Prime. Larger than Lost Angels, Skylantus is an ally to the mystical city, and one of few that fared best in the TimeMaster war. Skylantus also has a shield dome that can protect the city, but this is a fairly recent construction.

Technopolis - A city that didn't fare well in the war, it is primarily used as a prison on the Northern side, due to this.

Launch Base - The Spaceport. Didn't fare well in the war. Currently not in operation as a spaceport, though still remains an active city.

Junkyard Mountian - Is just that, a mountain of slag and metal, robots and outcasts make their home here. Neutral. No councilperson to represent.

Sky City - Floating Island-like city.

Timestar City - Timemaster's self procaimed "Capital" of Skydera during his rule. It is now controlled by the Time Soldier robots that were his followers. Timemaster himself is currently presumed destroyed. An observation Landship remains near the city's edge, observing the timestorms that frequently surround the city for reasons unknown.

New Horizons - A smaller city. New Horizons has only been briefly mentioned thus far, and doesn't really have any canon concrete info at the moment.

Coastal City Aside from being at the coast, this one doesn't have much either.


The southern hemisphere is mostly the ocean and the islands. This is also the location of the south pole.

Noteable locations

Devil's Tundra - See Here.

Shade Island - Near the coast. More info forthcoming.

Diveland Park - AT the coast. More info forthcoming.

More info forthcoming. I'm filling this out because I got tired of staring at a blank userinfo, and this comm might actually get USED eventually.